Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well, it IS my favorite holiday of ALL-TIME and it definitely deserves a posting! Every year I feel like I spend endless amounts of time, energy, and money preparing for Halloween and all of its festivities. However, I am never left disappointed!

Last Friday, my friends and I went out in Hollywood, CA as greek gods! It was my idea to take this concept to the next level and apply FULL-BODY gold paint. It was an awesome effect....but it practically destroyed my bathroom! This was theatrical quality gold paint that I applied with a spray gun, not super expensive but quite elaborate.

Here we are on the step and repeat at Halloweenie 2012

Justin and I with the Tan Mom!!
Friday was such a fun night, but the gold paint left my skin REALLY dry. Itchy, dry skin coupled with a wicked headache was not a good experience! We decided to keep Saturday night more low key and went out as little devils. This was a cheap and easy costume, less than $10 for each of us!

You guys will have to stay tuned for tomorrow nights costume. Justin and I are going out as a famous pair Halloween night....just the unconventional version :)

btw...I shot two videos yesterday, they'll be up soon!