About Me

Short & Sweet Background: 

I grew up in suburban Philadelphia, moved into Philadelphia to attend Temple University for Biology/Pre-Med Track. I soon realized that becoming an MD was not my real dream, something I THOUGHT I wanted. I transfered into Temple's Public Health program and graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Health Professions in 2010.

While I was completing my final internship at Temple, another student told me about Nursing, and I quickly decided that Nursing was the PERFECT career choice for me! Luckily, Thomas Jefferson University has a 1 year BSN program for students that already have a bachelors degree...This is where I am now, and I plan to graduate in May of 2012.

Why Skin Care?

Sometime in 2010, I realized I had been spending WAYY too much researching published dermatology articles about the efficacy of skin care ingredients and proven formulations that improve skin. I had acquired so much information and I had SUCH a desire to share everything I learned, so I started my channel MensSkinCareWithRoss. Fortunately, my channel was well received by all you wonderful viewers, so my drive to create more and more videos was fueled. You would be surprised how once viewers give you positive feedback, suggesstions, and advice, you can really improve your viewership and gain subscribers!

Ever since August 2010, I have been building and improving my channel. When it comes to internet vlogging and blogging your site and material are ALWAYS a work in progress. The host sites change, social media changes, and your approach must be very flexible to meet the ever changing internet. I truly enjoy making videos and writing about skin care, and the success stories people send me are serious motivation!

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, I welcome all feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Thanks for all of your ongoing support!

Respectfully Yours,



  1. You should've went into dermatology field (i assume you're in some other medical field).

  2. Ross,

    Having read your background, no wonder why you can produce such a good informative video and never get back at any ugly comments - your contents are clean!
    And I really love the colour of background room.

    It is very useful for a young man reader who's applying with an airline with extreme grooming in mind.
    We learn from you. Subscribed!

    Any 'Ross' male skincare products in the near future?

    Much appreciation from Far East Asia.

  3. You are great, you have amazing advice... Have you ever heard of Organic lol Is it me or do you use a lot of chemicals (lol)

  4. Well, I admit, I enjoyed reading your blog, it’s very rare for a man to write a study about skin care review . I will definitely suggest your useful tips to my friend!

  5. Ross, I am so happy that I found you and your blog, videos and FB page!
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