Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Product Pick of the Week!

These are a few of my favorite thingsssssssssssssssss! 

This is a fun topic! Once per week I will blog about my "Product Pick of the Week" but I'm not designating a day because you know I'm not THAT good! This way I'll always have a topic to blog about in the event that I draw a blank. The products I choose to share with all you wonderful readers will be amongst my favorites, skin care related or not! Of course I will explain why it earns the lofty "Pick of the Week" title and where you can get it (most likely because its the easiest for everyone!). Lets get started!

This week I picked: Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum, Fragrance Free

Guys and Gals, seriously, this stuff is AMAZING! If you have never used a serum before or have no idea what a serum is, here is the low down:

A serum is generally a concentrated moisturizer that targets the anti-aging aspect of skin care. A good serum will have high levels of active antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, superior moisturizers, and provide skin with a silky-smooth finish.

In my opinion, this serum by Olay hits the nail on the head! I randomly bought it on sale once without even realizing that it had an incredible formulation and an impeccable finish that leaves skin feeling smoother than a baby's bottom!

So what is so good about this product? 
First off, this serum is fragrance free. We know that practically ALL fragrances in skin care products are irritating to the skin. Irritation impairs the healing process and delays collagen production, at all cost, do your best to avoid fragrant skin care products. Keep in mind, this serum is also available WITH fragrance, so if you have a choice be sure to choose the "fragrance free" version.

The serum contains Niacinamide, a vitamin that improves moisture levels in skin and evens out skin tone (reduces acne scars too!). It also contains antioxidants Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract, two amazing ingredients that are excellent for skin!

Finally, this serum is silicone based. Silicone is a silky skin protectant that gives this product its amazing finish. Silicone will fill in pores and fines lines giving your skin an even surface that is perfect for makeup application. Even if you do not apply makeup on top on this product, your skin will appear even, smooth, and wonderful!

I recommend applying this serum onto clean, bare skin, but you can also apply it on top of a moisturizer! Check it out below available in 1.7 oz & 3.4 oz.

I hope you try this one out, I know you will love it!


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