Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is in the Air: Fashion trends for Spring 2012

Going a different direction today, but hey! It's my blog, I'll do what I want!!

There are a few distinct fashion trends that are bound to be all the rage this Spring (and thru the Summer), so to get you ahead of the game here are a few of the key styles you may be interested in!

Tank Tops

Okay, WTF! I have never really been into wearing tank tops unless I'm lounging around the house but during my recent visit to Los Angeles, CA I had an irresistible urge to purchase tank tops. OKAY, maybe I just wanted to fit in, but unfortunately, I acted on this impulse and came home with an entire collection of designer tanks, at least they weren't super expensive!

Above all, tank tops are the cats pajamas this Spring, many of the trends I mention in this post are portrayed thru tanks!  Here are some examples:

Andrew Christian

Don't know, don't care.
NO! Definitely no.

Horizontal Stripes

Moving right along, horizontal stripes are SO IN this Spring. I know, I know, horizontal stripes make you look wide, but apparently looking wide is looking good! You would be hard pressed to find a men's clothing retailer that isn't offering items with horizontal stripes. GAP, Urban Outfitters, H&M, they're all doing it! Here's some style inspiration:

Stripes by H&M, Blazer by ZARA
Good look but lose the cig, it's bad for your skin! 

J. Crew
How nautical!

Color Blocking

This trend is a 2-for-1 deal! Bold, bright colors are hot this Spring and the perfect way to express your new found boldness is to try color blocking! In some cases, color blocking seems very similar to horizontal stripes but when you see the photos below, you'll understand. This is all very exciting, do your best to contain yourself. For a better idea what's hot and what's not, scroll on!

Mixed retailers
Chic? no?  (the shoes are great!)
Here we go with the tanks again! Very cool tho!

Mixed retailers
These are all stylish and versatile! Spring weather can be unpredictable.


It's official, if you do not own a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers, you are not cool. Well that sucks, because I don't own a pair...  Anyways, if you want to blend in but also look good, get yourself a pair of Ray-Bans. I mean, I guess they are pretty iconic.

Classic Black Wayfarer
There are two styles of the wayfarer, the original leans forward, away from your face, the other sits upright/against your face. Both are VERY similar, just a personal preference.

Blue Frame Wayfarer
Many fun frame and lens colors to choose from!

Epic, Epicness!
If David Beckham does it, it MUST be cool! Love his hair style in this shot!
I personally prefer the Aviators, and the selection of styles and frames is great!

American Indian & Aztec Patterns

I honestly don't quite get this trend but its definitely a trend! Just look in Urban Outfitters, you can't miss it! If you want passerby's to do a double take this Spring, try this weird unique new style! Have a look:

Unknown (probably Urban Outfitters)
Are those wayfarers you are wearing?

Urban Outfitters
U like?

Urban Outfitters
I guess its cool.

Well, that's all for now! Go on with your bad self and work that sidewalk!

Don't forget that beautiful skin is always the hottest fashion accessory! And awesome skin care videos are available (for FREE!) at MensSkinCareWithRoss on YouTube!

Have a great day!


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