Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Quick Update!

Hey guys!!

Just want to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you! I'm finishing up my nursing program at Thomas Jefferson University and graduating on May 14. Things are really getting down to the wire and I MUST stay focused on school for the next two weeks if I want to finish!

I am very excited for this summer, I'll be free of schoolwork and spending much more time creating videos and connecting with all of you! I have some lofty goals for MensSkinCareWithRoss including posting ~40-50 videos, I have A LOT that I want to share!

Bare with me as I wrap up school and enter the realm of eternal school loan debt. LOL I guess its my own damn fault for getting a degree, realizing that it wasn't what I really wanted, then going back to school a second time. Oh well.

Have a great weekend, its supposed to be a beautiful day here in Philadelphia tomorrow.



  1. Thanks for the update Ross. Best of luck with the school work, and I look forward to your upcoming videos!!

  2. Hey Ross, hoping you read this.

    I came across ur videos recently, about a month ago i'd say, and it has been so great that I came across this now that i'm 20, I wish i found it sooner but I didn't really care about my skin, which was a mistake. My skin is not nearly as perfect as yours and sometimes I get angry and frustrated when I see a pimple showing up even when my routine is good. Planning to buy 3-in-1 oil free acne stress control from neutrogena, hoping I get closer to perfection. Im a fan of you and im so grateful for u, I was starting to miss ur videos, I watched all of them at least 3 times to have the information sink in lol :D well keep up the good work, glad ur about to graduate, im on my way too !

    P.S. I have red spots on my neck from shaving and old ingrown hairs that I recently got out, finally. What should I do? any advice ?

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