Monday, January 16, 2012

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is your Friend!

If you watch my videos, you know that I mention Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) ALL. THE. TIME!   BHA is more commonly known as Salicylic Acid in the world of anti-acne products but this skin care ingredient is beneficial for everybody!  Lets discuss a few important things (stay with me, I tend to get a little technical):

What is BHA?
BHA is a chemical, inner-pore exfoliant. This means that has the ability to travel INTO the pore, clear out any junk that might be stuck in there (cellular debris, sebum, etc.) and also assist in removing dead skin cells on the surface of our skin to improve "cellular turnover".  Basically it keeps your pore clear and improves the overall appearance of our skin.

Why should I use a product with BHA?
Regardless of whether you have blemish-prone skin or not, BHA will, no-doubt, improve the look of your skin. Everyone can benefit from BHA because of its exfoliant properties. Regular exfoliation improves skin tone and texture, promotes collagen generation (which helps diminish fine lines), and PREVENTS CLOGGED PORES AND BLEMISHES!  Hello?!?!?! need I say more?

How do I know which BHA/salicylic acid products are the best?
Good question! By now I hope you realize that all skin care products are not made equally, furthermore, many skin care and cosmetic companies are just downright deceptive! BHA is a very special skin care ingredient because it must be formulated at a specific pH value, meaning most products contain BHA but not at the proper pH to be effective.  Unfortunately, I am aware of only a few BHA products that are known to have the proper formulation, see them below!

 What to know about the products above:
  1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Hydrating Treatment
    • 2% BHA
    • Silicone base
    • Contains antioxidants and anti-irritants! YAY!
    • Great for normal to oily skin
    • Available online or in-store
  2. Proactiv Solution Clarifying Night Cream
    • 1% BHA (more gentle)
    • Available in a regular (1oz) or jumbo (2.5oz)
    • Contains antioxidants and retinol
    • Good for normal to dry skin
  3. Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid - MY PICK!
    • Choose 1% or 2%
    • Available in a Lotion, Gel, or Liquid
    • Contains green tea extract, an amazing anti-inflammatory ingredient!
    • MUCH CHEAPER if you buy it directly from
    • Works like a charm!
Well, that was A LOT of information! I hope I was able to help you better understand how useful BHA is in skin care, and I hope you get a chance to try some of the products above!

Good luck!



  1. Currently, I use the Neutrogena BHA and I love it, but I'm going to try the Paula's Choice one when this runs out. I'm nervous because for some reason, a few of her products have broken me out. But, I adore Paula and am determined to make them work for me. LOL Plus, their customer service is extraordinary, so I know I can always return it if it doesn't work. Great post, Ross! :) ~Shawna

  2. Thanks! I've never had breakouts until this year (im 26) and im stumped at where to start so thanks! :)