Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skin Care from the Inside Out

The big, international skin care and cosmetic brands want you to believe that good skin care is all about what you put ON your skin. Putting huge emphasis on miraculous products that will give you younger, tighter, clearer, plumper, gorgeous, glowing, super model skin that you simply cannot live without!!! Right!?!?! I mean $60 is worth it for 1oz of product that will do all that! WRONG!!!

Let's be honest, we've all fallen for the bait at one time or another, hoping to get the same beautiful skin as the model in the ad, only to be let down...yet again! These money hungry companies are more ruthless than the Nigerian love scammers! (and yes, I knew someone who fell for that one, lost about $15,000...poor guy!) The ridiculous claims these companies make have turned skin care into a competition to see who can make the most money off a usually lackluster product in a pretty bottle. Don't get me wrong, there are some incredible products with amazing formulations that have the potential to dramatically improve skin but it does not require years of research, rare and exotic plant extracts, and a $100 price tag!!

Let's discuss something you'll never see an advertisement for.... skin care from the inside out!  Here are some things YOU can do to improve your skin without the use of products!

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
  2. I'm not even going into detail on this because I KNOW you've heard it before! Drink more water, not Crystal Light, not Gatorade, WATER! 8oz per hour! Approximately 3 Liters for men and 2.2 Liters for women each day (according to the Mayo Clinic). Just do it, your skin AND body will thank you.

  3. Consume more Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids are type of High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) which are GOOD FATS! Omega-3 works to remove bad fat from your blood vessels, improve cardiac health, and improve skin! Omega-3 is found naturally in walnuts, canola oil, and fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, anchovies) and helps reduce damaging inflammation and dryness. Personally, I find it easiest to get my Omega-3 from fish oil capsules, which are readily available at the drugstore.  Take it everyday! (Make sure you buy a high quality, "no-burb" brand otherwise you'll be tasting fish...gross!)
  5. Take Vitamins A,C,E
  6. Vitamins A, C, & E are the triad known to improve skin. Personally, I take a "Hair, Skin, and Nails" vitamin that contains A,C,E and other vitamins that benefit skin but you can also take each vitamin separately. These three vitamins are antioxidants and all improve skin in their own way, here are foods that are rich in each: Vitamin A: Orange veggies like sweet potatoes and carrots.  Vitamin C: Kiwis, strawberries, oranges and bell peppers. Vitamin E: Broccoli, almonds, sunflower seeds, spinach and olives.
  7. Sweat it out!
    Our bodies remove up to 30% of toxins through sweating. Your skin has the amazing ability to assist in the toxin elimination process all through your pores! Try getting involved in physical activity that works up a sweat, just remember to wear a clean outfit each time! You don't want your body to reabsorb toxins that have already been eliminated. You can also visit a sauna to promote sweating too. It usually takes a series of sessions per week to truly benefit from sweating. REMEMBER, you must increase your water intake when partaking in physical activity or using the sauna!

Alright everyone, these are easy things you can do. Leave your comments below!



  1. Great info. I have found that as a man, my skin is actually much more delicate that the old action movies I grew up on would suggest. Your allusion that skin care can be maintained with dietary studiousness is intriguing. I find myself trying to repair may skin more often than maintain it. My buddy sent me a link to this stuff Taun Men's Facial Repair and I am amazed at how well it works, but if changing my diet a little can make things better too, i am all about it.

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