Saturday, January 28, 2012

Easy, Photo-Ready Skin!

There are few products that cannot be duplicated and this is one in particular fits the bill! When I first used this product from L'Oreal I wasn't super impressed UNTIL I saw a picture of myself when I had used it.  Now I know face powder is considered makeup, but come on people, this stuff is seriously awesome!!! 

L'Oreal Translucide Naturally Luminous Loose Powder is available in Translucent, Light, Medium, and Deep. Basically, it is a very fine powder that evens out your skin tone, and has tiny particles that reflect light perfectly! Not to mention that it reduces shine and just makes your skin look great! In flash photography, this powder will make you skin look great!!

Translucent is good for ALL skin tones, but you are best off choosing between light, medium, or deep, because it will match better. It comes with a puff to apply the powder, but using a brush will ensure even coverage without overdoing it.

Check them out on Amazon :)

These are in order: Translucent, Light, Medium, Deep

Here's a photo in which I had used Translucide Medium:
See "the glow"? Lol



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