Saturday, June 30, 2012


Ok guys, I've been studying like a maniac in preparation for the PA state board exam for my RN license that I am taking soon, so I'm going to consolidate all of last week's "would be" posts into one!!

Music Monday

First off, I love Phoenix. Their music is soulful, groovy, and great for a rainy day in or a sunny day on the beach! Whats better than Phoenix is a GREAT cover of their hit song "1901" by Birdy. Check this out and let me know what you think!! 

Product Pick of the Week

This week's product pick is related to my latest video about the efficacy of face brushes compared to washcloths. If you haven't seen it yet here it is:

This video seemed to stir up a tiny bit of controversy!! I NEVER SAID THE CLARISONIC DOESN'T WORK!!! All I'm saying is that a washcloth or microfiber face cloth is an excellent alternative for a fraction of the cost!! ...and yes I have used the Clarisonic before, it was alright.

If you are looking for a great microfiber face cloth here are a couple great options. 

The first option is the exact face cloth that I displayed in my video, I will admit it works but the quality isn't all that great. The second option is much better quality and will get more uses:

Skin Care Tip

After washing your face, NEVER rub your towel on your face. Just pat dry. Rubbing a dry towel over a clean face causes irritation and can spread bacteria and oil from your hair onto your clean skin! 

Photo of Lilo (the most amazing cat in the world)

couldn't help myself.

Soooo everyone have a GREAT weekend!!! 



  1. I'm about to go through a wrinkle treatment session with my dermatologist next week. I hope your product is safe to apply after that.

    1. EEEE! This is the only wrinkle treatment I use. =)

  2. Your cat lilo is so cute! :)
    Thnx for the tip and link. I was thinking of buying the clarisonic but rather stick to face cloth (muslin) as it is more hygienic (i guess).

    p.s Good luck with your exam. I'm also an RN too :)

  3. Not only does gradually lowering the temperature help your body cool down after the shower, it really gets the adrenaline flowing! SildenafilYou'll feel refreshed and ready to go after doing this and I promise you, you will not sweat (as long as you stand in the water long enough to actually cool down your body!).

  4. Hey Ross
    Found your Blog through your You Tube tutorials.
    Thanks for all the great tips and advise.
    Hope all the exams went well.
    Best wishes from the other side of the Pond...

  5. Hi Ross,

    I have some tip about skin care, love to share. Myself stalina dsouza skin care specialist.

    Lots of people have naturally oily skin. It is normal for your face to be oily in the morning, or several hours after washing. You may want to try a cleanser that is specifically for oily skin.

    Try these tips:
    1. Stick with the basics: The experts suggest cleansing your face two or three times daily with good old soap and water. Pack a premoistened cleansing pad if you won't be around a water basin throughout the day.

    2. Understand that dermatologists and aestheticians often disagree on which types of soaps or cleansers to use, but all agree that once you find a product that works well for your skin, you should continue using it.

    3. Follow the recommendations of dermatologists and shower or bathe in tepid rather than steaming-hot water. Hot water can strip your skin of needed moisture, while cold water can shock your skin.

    4. Avoid using cleansers that tend to overdry skin. This paradoxically causes your skin to produce even more oil than usual.

    5. Use only noncomedogenic moisturizers and sunscreen products - this means they're oil-free and won't clog pores.

    6. Talk to your dermatologist about a class of drugs called retinoids, which reduce production in oil glands and shrink their size.

    7. Keep in mind that oil glands are very sensitive; stimuli such as hormones, heat and (some say) fatty food can trigger them.

    8. Remember that your efforts to keep your oily skin clear can only go so far, as some studies indicate that oily skin is hereditary.