Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sweating After a Shower: The Remedy!

Isn't it the WORST when you sweat after a hot shower?!? 

You get yourself all fresh and clean, feeling like a million bucks...
Kinda like this right?!?


You dry off.....Start to get ready for the day/night......Put on your facial moisturizer.....And then you start sweating!!! 

Ugh! It's the worst! I end up feeling like this:
Not quite so fresh anymore....
This always happens to me when the summertime comes around because I still want to take a hot shower. However, I have learned the trick to prevent this from happening! ...and NO, its not just lowering the temperature of the water altogether.

Here's what you do:

  1. Take a shower as you typically would. 
  2. At the end of your shower, turn down the temp a few notches, nothing drastic, just a little cooler, and stand in the water for 45 seconds. 
  3. Then turn it down even further, again standing in that cooler water for about 45 seconds. 
  4. Finally, turn down the water temperature to COLD! Now you have to stand in the cold water for 1 whole minute! (this is key)

Not only does gradually lowering the temperature help your body cool down after the shower, it really gets the adrenaline flowing! You'll feel refreshed and ready to go after doing this and I promise you, you will not sweat (as long as you stand in the water long enough to actually cool down your body!).

It really works!

If you tried this and liked it tweet me here:




  1. And also, cold water shower boosts up your metabolism and helps burn more calories!

  2. i try every each day, but oh my good!

    Your youtube channel and your blog is just perfect!, im learning a lot, but i haven't decided yet what concealer, base ... use, here in spain we don't have most of products you show, maybe i start with mac

    1. Again if you are in a hurry and that time you are going to take the shower, at that time after your shower is over, then also you ll be sweating. Retin A

  3. Another(even faster) method of lowering your core temperature is to drink an ice cold beverage after a warm, or hot shower, this method is commonly used by the Japanese( mostly seen drinking milk after a hot bath); the method of lowering the bodies internal temperature is not only that, it will also replenish the liquid the body excreted during the shower. Many inconsistent studies will suggest that a sudden change in body temperature is detrimental, or counterintuitive to ones health; I have researched this and thus concludes it's no more then speculation; my conclusion is, it's worth a try, but if the thought of it frightens you, don't try it.

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