Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Product Pick of the Week

My product pick this week is bound to get you some you know what! ...and no, its not a kitten...but that helps too!
She loves being in front of the camera!
For much less work, you can get the same amount attention with a great smelling fragrance! I mean who doesn't like to smell AMAZING, and believe me, when you smell great, people notice!

Here are three options that I have personally owned full-size bottles of and would recommend to anybody! Not to mention they are SUPER cheap on!

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

To me, this fragrance has strong, powdery scent. To be honest, I didn't even like it at first. HOWEVER, every time I wear this fragrance, I receive compliments, its crazy! Over time the scent really grew on me and it became one of my signature smells. Primarily, I wear it when I'm going out, not typically during the day. The person who bought it for me said it was "sex in a bottle", and he was right!! LOL

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Now THIS is a fragrance I LOVE! Unlike the one above, I wear L'Homme because it smells SO FREAKING GOOD, and I do get a compliment here and there. It has a crisp, clean fragrance with sweet notes that you are bound to love! Not overwhelming by any means, I wear this one during the day. It does wear well throughout the day and has great packaging too!

Armani Code by Georgio Armani

In terms of sophistication, this cologne hits the nail on the head! With an very subdued scent you will feel like James Bond while wearing this fragrance. Does have a slight powdery note but really its just freaking sexy! Highly recommend, great for day or night!

There you have it! Three GREAT scents that will work for ANYONE! Out of the three, my favorite it L'Homme, but I get the most compliments while wearing Le Male.



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