Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did You Know...

...that makeup was originally invented for men?

Yes, my friends, the pioneers of vanity and visual deception were actually of the male species! Back in the day, and I'm talking like 18th century, men powdered their faces, wore rouge (a.k.a. blush) on their cheeks, and even eye makeup. Talk about diva! Even in ancient Egypt the Kings used moisturizer to thwart dry skin and kohl for eye liner...that was like 3000 BC.

So next time someone gives you (or me!) slack for using a little bit of powder to reduce shine or concealer to cover up a pimple, just say:

...and remind them that makeup was invented for men!

Peace & Love.



  1. haha great stuff ross. liked all the pictures that went along with the history lesson. i'll definitely be telling people who give me crap next time to fuck ye, the egyptians did it too.
    thanks again for all your content :)

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