Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 10 Products Under $10!

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight! 

Good afternoon everyone! This is a great post and one that I have been planning on putting together for quite a while! Here are 10 great products, all under $10! Many of them you will be able to find in your local drugstore/supermarket but for convenience I added the amazon.com link that will give you a little bit more information about each product. Lets get started:

10) Dream Essentials Cooling Eye Mask

Umm, HELLO?!? If you do not own one of these, WTH are you waiting for?!? This eye mask and similar ones by other brands are a true treat. Place this puppy in the fridge for an hour or two (I store mine there so its always ready), put it on your face, and relax! It really does reduce puffiness around eyes and is one of my best relaxation techniques. This one is perfect because it has cut-outs for your eyes, which don't tolerate cold very well. Remember, DO NOT put it in the freezer! The frozen gel will be too cold for your skin, plus it may explode! Refrigerate only.


9) BOD Really Ripped Abs

Personally, I am not a huge fan of the drugstore body sprays like AXE but sometimes you just need something cheap to throw in your gym bag to help you freshen up after a hard workout. If you are going to choose one, definitely give "Really Ripped Abs" a try! The scent is more than tolerable and you might actually get a few compliments...just don't over-do it! Plus, the bottle is HUGE so it will last for a looooong time.


8) Aquasentials Mesh Body Pouf

Call it what you want, loofah, luffa, body pouf, these things aren't just for the girls! I personally love my shower pouf and it is the BEST to use with a body wash. After using one of these things, you'll understand! I do not use it every shower but at least once a week to get smooth, exfoliated skin. Make sure you hang the pouf up after use so it can air-dry, also, they don't last forever so be sure to replace it once it feels "loose" (that's why the pack of 4 below is great).


7) Zia Natural HydraShield Shave Cream

This is an excellent shave cream that is totally free of irritating ingredients including fragrance! Ideal for normal to dry skin, it is affordable, moisturizing, and very well formulated. Although the thick texture will require very thorough rinsing of your razor between each stroke.


6) Yes To Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser

This is a gentle, soothing cleanser that is perfect for normal to dry skin types! The formula does not contain irritating plant extracts and effectively removes dirt and makeup. Plus the price is on point!


5) CFA Active Cat Mouse Toy with Catnip

So if this isn't random, I don't know what is! However, considering how many people have cats as house pets, it is probably more relevant than not... Anyways, my cat is freaking obsessed with this toy! I bought it once and after about two months I had to throw it away because it had been through wayy too much kitty torture (i.e. dropped in the toilet and hind-leg kicked to death). Your cat WILL love you forever if you buy him/her this toy :)

Baby Roux, absolutely gorgeous!


4) Shick Hydro 3-Blade Razor

I rotate between a 5-blade and a 3-blade razor depending on what I am shaving, the amount of time I have to shave, and my mood in general. I really like Shick's 3-blade razors because I routinely get a great shave with very little irritation! Their new "Hydro" line is great and they also make a 5-blade version, and a "Hydro Power" version that vibrates (just a gimmick, if you ask me). I use the Gillette Fusion 5-blade razors but I'm sure this one is great too.

3) St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash

OMG, this body wash is the SH*T! I have tried SO MANY body washes including many from Olay which claim to be ultra moisturizing...that's a joke. Seriously, this body wash will leave your skin SUPER soft and moisturized especially when you use it with a body pouf (like above) or a washcloth. Plus it has a delicious unisex scent! This is a 2-pack for so cheap!


2) Olay Ultra Moisture Lotion with Shea Butter

So this is the body lotion I used in my video "Getting Ready To Go Out, Fast!" A great lotion for all seasons, this lotion smells great, contains plenty of skin-beneficial ingredients (like Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, and of course Shea butter). A total winner in my opinion! One last thing, it has a VERY small amount of shimmer in it that only you will notice, personally I find it gives your skin a nice radiance and I like it...okurrrr.

Here is the video :)


1) Maybelline ShineFree Loose Powder

This is a product that MOST guys could use! Its so cheap, why not?!? This is a loose powder that you lightly apply to your face to take down shine, that's it guys! This is NOT makeup! Its completely sheer (a.k.a. transparent) so nobody will know you have powder on your face but they will know you are not shiny!! If you purchase this powder, make sure you get a good brush to apply it with, the included pad/pouf is crapola!

Choose shade: Light (1st) or Medium (2nd)

All these products are definitely worth a try, I hope you enjoy them!



  1. What are some good product alternatives for those of us with allergies to dyes and perfumes?

  2. Ross! You're freakin awesome! Thank you for this list.