Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday & Update :)

Dear Friends,

Let's start this week off with a mid-day dance party, why not?! PRESS PLAY NOW (beware of profanity! lol) I have neglected my blog for ~18 days and I owe it to you. I promise you this week will bring a bounty of new posts and fun tips and tricks! ...however, I can't speak for next week, you guys know I live one week at a time. There is something to be said about living in the moment!

Here on the East coast of the US things have been getting a little hectic. This April isn't a great month for multitasking considering I am graduating in May, then prepping to take the nursing state board exam (NCLEX) sometime in June. As excited as I am to graduate, I am also under much stress to push through school, continue with work, and of course maintain my baby, MensSkinCareWithRoss.

Anything not to FAIL as bad as this girl....
I'm sorry, but that never gets old! 

That being said, lets all breathe IN through the nose, and OUT through the mouth (it really works!), put on our dancing shoes, and let loose for lunch...well, at least here on the East coast!


"F**k U Betta" by Neon Hitch

"Beautiful Sinner" by Nicki Minaj

"Don't Stop The Music" (dance remix) by Rihanna

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  1. thanks for advice! do you ever put your loofah in the washing machine? i heard if you leave it hanging in your shower bacteria and mold can build up after a while. i just threw mine away after noticing there was some nasty white stuff building up way in the inside.