Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Product Pick of the Week!

I have searched the globe HIGH and low to find the PERFECT hair styling product! As someone who willingly accepts change, I am always eager to try new products with hopes of finding one that is better than the last. I am also very price conscious, so I strive to find comparable products at a cheaper price, all this for you guys! ...well, I guess I get plenty of personal satisfaction out of it too!

To no avail have I been able to find a hair styling product that I love as much as Fiber by American Crew! This matte finish styling cream/clay gives your hair a chunky, bed-head look with a strong hold that lasts all day without ANY flaking! The 3 oz tub lasts for about 2 months, is good till the last drop, and is reasonably priced. I typically pay ~$17 for a tub of it at my local hair salon. Sometimes I even get Buy 1 get 50% Off the 2nd, which is ideal! ...what can I say, I'm a college student!

There are other hair styling products that have a similar effect, and I stand behind my previous reviews of products from Hairbond and Jock Soap, but seriously I just keep coming back to American Crew. There is something about the texture of the product, ease of use, and scent that I really love. They really hit the nail on the head with this one!

Check it out on below:

1 pack and 2 pack (save $$)

ONE LAST THING: The secret to this product is to apply it into towel-dried hair! When you get out of the shower, dry your hair and body, get dressed, then immediately style your hair. The moisture allows for easier styling and a better hold. TRUST ME. If my hair is dry I will re-wet it and towel dry it again before I apply the product.

I have tried the other types of American Crew styling products and shampoos, etc. They are all really nice, just on the expensive side. Feel free to check out these other products that I recommend (if you have the budget!) The Defining Paste also has a matte finish, just a lighter hold.

C-ya tomorrow for Friiday, Friiiday, Friiiiidaaayy!


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